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How Termite Control Stakes can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Read your contract carefullyIf you've had the contract since the house was built (and presumably it was not built with termite damaged wood), then any damage ought to be covered by the conditions of the contract. But this assumes that you have upheld your part by not disrupting the treated soil or allowing termite-favorable conditions to come up with on/around your own home.



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Therefore, it is excluded from your repair guarantee because there is no way to determine if the damage occurred before or after the start of your contract. We are not aware of any scientifically sound way to exactly determine the era of irreparable harm. This exclusion is not simply an excuse for the company to avoid their contractual obligations .

For your own protection, make sure you get (and maintain ) records provided to you by the company. Also, if you sell your residence, you need to pass these records onto the purchaser. Important documents to keep include:

Your original contract which should include a graph of the home with specifics of the initial inspection and also the treatment specifications.



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All of annual inspection reports and any noted changes in the conditions of your residence, including new signs of termite activity, moisture conditions, etc..



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One other important point of note. Your termite protection contract is strictly - a contract for termites and termite control. Unless specified otherwise, your contract does not include inspections or policy for other wood-damaging insects, such as carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powderpost beetles or even wood-decaying fungi (although the inspector may note such troubles and bring them to your attention).

Current North Carolina Building Code requires that all residential structures under construction have some form of termite protective treatment. The particular type termite treatment does not need to be a liquid treatment. It's a matter of choice by the builder and/or property owner but it has to be a method approved by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. .



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As mentioned before, modern termiticides applied properly to the dirt are typically effective for 5-10 years. This doesn't mean that after 5 or 10 years each termite in the neighborhood makes a mad rush at your residence. It is simply the odds favor the termites eventually finding their way in at any point, depending in large part on the way you maintain your house and property. .



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"Booster Treatments"As mentioned previously, EPA currently requires that liquid termiticides succeed for at least 5 decades. This in no way means that the chemical is completed gone after five decades. Many people wonder whether they need to get their home retreated for termites after a certain number of years have passed.

Such a requirement would be specified in your original contract; therefore read your contract carefully BEFORE signing it. These treatments are usually partial retreatments, like just treating the dirt around the foundation. have a peek here More importantly for you, the price for this treatment is generally not covered by your current contract and you will have to cover the work (often $600-$1200, depending on the size and complexity of the construction).



How Termite Control Stakes can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

At the point, you're back"square one" and evaluating what kind of service and contract the company (or companies) offer. As an option to having a booster treatment, the company might offer to continue your current contract but in a significantly higher annual renewal (maybe 25%-50% greater ). Again, read your current contract to find out if there are terms concerning booster treatments and/or increases in your annual fee. .

An important point to consider if you need to decide on getting a booster treatment or switching companies - if you currently have a repair warranty and want to continue with one, you will again have the exclusion of"current/old" harm if you switch companies. In general, when a repair contract is that important for you AND you have had your home under continuous contract with the identical company since the day it was built, then you are probably better off staying with this original company because ANY termite damage that is found must have occurred during the duration of your coverage and for that reason it's covered by your repair warranty. .

Other than using a contract requirement, a pest control company may only indicate that you obtain a termite treatment if you do not have an identified termite issue. They cannot tell you that need one. If you don't have a termite problem, then a preventive treatment is an issue of YOUR option.

You can simply wait until a problem occurs and then have a treatment done at that moment. On the other hand, in case it would make you sleep better at night knowing that your home has been handled and you have some sort of contract, then it is your money, your residence, your decision. .

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